"Successful executives are realizing that traditional Agile product development is just not enough in today's economy.
At CLL Group we focus on enabling executives to achieve an organizational-wide culture of:

Delighting customers as the bottom line for the whole organization.
Creating high performing teams throughout the ranks by empowering, motivating, and engaging the whole organization.
Eliminating waste by continuously optimizing the end-to-end flow of business value from the "idea" phase through delivery and support.
Cultivating a fun and innovative culture by creating a safe place to experiment, learn and grow."

~ Catherine Louis, Principal CLL Group

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Mojo Product Owner Workshop NYC @ALM Media

The amazing folks at ALM Media have asked me back to do a hands-on Mojo Product Owner workshop at their location in NYC March 8th-9th.  Since 2012 our public courses have been held within organizations that are truly working on a Digital Transformation using Agile frameworks, such as Scrum. The idea is to be able […]

Product Owner Workshop @ATCDurham

I’m super excited to be invited back for another show-stopping 2-day, hands-on, immersive Product Owner workshop at Acumen, April 4th-5th, in the heart of the American Tobacco Campus in Durham. For information and registration please see productworkshop.eventbrite.com. Please don’t hesitate to ping me for any questions or if you are looking for group rates. We absolutely […]

MojoScrum in NYC

The amazing folks at Shore have asked me back to do another hands-on Mojo Scrum Workshop at their new location in NYC January 10-11 of next year.  Late in 2012 we decided not to host classes unless we can host a class in a location where organizations are truly trying their hand at Scrum, and the […]

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"Clear, Professional, Thorough. Overall an excellent class!" Jerry Manziello , CSPO Workshop August 2017
"I thought this was an enlightening class. I was engaged the whole time and this is something I will bring back to my company!" Curtis Lefebvre , CSPO Workshop, August 2017
"This was a great hands-on class. There was a lot of information and learning that can be applied to all aspects of business, not just about Scrum." Ryan Buffa, CSPO Workshop, July 2017
"This workshop was an awesome experience that mixed conceptual ideas with applied skills that created an engaging and dynamic working environment." Dominic Vizdos , CSPO Workshop July 2017
"Enjoyed the wealth of information provided about the Product Owner role!." Diamond Lassiter, CSPO Workshop July 2017
"Great eye opener, triggers stimulating conversations and various points of view!" Iulian Nistor , Leadership Workshop June 2017
"This is great training. I will definitely introduce it to my colleagues!" Le Tang , Leadership Workshop June 2017
"Great workshop and training. Very enjoyable. Things learned during the two days are going to make a difference in my career." Remus Boca, Leadership Workshop June 2017
"Knowledgable, personable instructors. Highly interactive, true experiential learning." Ben Voroney, June 2017
"I really enjoyed Catherine and Jane. They had great energy and shared their knowledge easily." France Koroscil, June 2017
"The workshop really exceeds the expectations! A LOT of valuable takeaways. Love the articles and references mentioned!" Mariana Cordoba, May 2017
"I think this will really help me to stand on my feet again after changing careers!" Giancarlo Matute, May 2017
"Catherine's Whole-Team modeling exercise was so helpful! It helped us optimize the flow of delivery to our customers, and pointed out new areas of improvement never thought of before. Her facilitation skills are amazing. Thanks!" Kim Durand, April 2017
"Learning the importance of value optimization will bring immediate value to my projects day to day." Todd Krantz, April 2017
"Catherine is a master at introducing a topic for learning and then refereeing the team effectively and patiently. She stuck with us and made sure we were operating as a real team. I enjoyed everything, every immersive exercise was exponential learning." Melanie Johnson, April 2017
"The course overall was amazing! Thank you for everything!" Charles Henry, January 2017
"A very complete and joyful Product Owner workshop, you will learn powerful tools to be able to empower the Product Owner" Ricardo Valladares, January 2017
"I love that you included an amazing amount of information on Scrum, and also the Lean Start-up!" Garvin Reid, January 2017
"Totally interactive workshop that keeps you moving, analyzing your environment, and thinking about yourself. Gamifies your job and your team's job, so it becomes fun and easier to do and manage problems." Sergio Saborio Taylor, June 2016
"Wanted to let everybody know that this was probably the best class I've attended in at least the last 10 years. I really felt like we grew to become one cohesive team. The impact that experience had on me was incredible and one I will try to keep with me – especially when times are rough. It’s amazing what we can achieve together." Mary Mercer, April 2016
"Wanted to let everybody know that this was probably the best class I've attended in at least the last 10 years. I really felt like we grew to become one cohesive team. The impact that experience had on me was incredible and one I will try to keep with me – especially when times are rough. It’s amazing what we can achieve together." Mary Mercer, April 2016
"Learning tools and techniques that can be applied to my every day job is invaluable to me as a PO." Ben Solero, March 2016
"Fast paced = Excellent!" George Harter, December 2015
"Love the fast pace and creative problem solving - all with new tools." Steve Vest, December 2015
"Tools were amazing. Great overview of Agile and Scrum. Cannot think of any improvements!" Bill St. Pierre, July 2015
"Great 2-day event. I learned more than expected. I had to think & participate, no sliding through. Great instructor, great material, I wish it was longer." Ed Fowler, June 2015
"Story mapping has helped me quickly ID the product stream line, get everyone on the same page of the most important features needed, and most importantly, identify the ones that are mandatory to have the MVP." Tomás Rodríguez Rojas, May 2015
"The workshop exceeded my expectations. Catherine's approach was interactive and immersed participants to ensure active infusion of the course material. The scrum group exercises cemented a deep knowledge base, and her corporate experience provided interjections of business theory and real agile applications for detailed insights." Christopher Parker , March 2015
"Skilled, experienced and patient instructor." David Goodling, April 2015
"I really enjoyed the training session. Her method was teaching via examples and a number of exercises rather than theory so it was very easy to follow as well as it was always interesting. She made the concepts easy to understand and I know the information will stay with me for long time. Now, it is time to use it! Thanks a lot!" Manjinder Mann, January 2015
"I love Catherine's clear and to-the-point understanding of what someone is saying. Complexity formulated in easy ways, and clear to understand. Great ability!!" Christine Prechsl, November 2014
"This workshop is essential for the Product Owner to understand their role in the Big Picture." Joe Kueser, September 2014
"…The third day was an eye opener for me. We got to work on such an amazing vision that was shared between our team and we walked the path with assistance of Catherine from the Vision to the actual actionable user stories that would represent values of our potential customers and be integrated with the users goals. We where shown the art of working as a team of free motivated people to develop a product road-map and get a workable backlog…" Benas Benetis, August 2014
"Very active workshop! Excellent toolbox for Product Owners and leaders. You will learn way beyond Scrum." César Arce, June 2014
"Truly enjoyed the CSPO class! Great tools and resources that I know I'll use for many years to come." Andrea Kitchen, May 2014
To read more about our Agile workshops from those who have attended, see "testimonials."

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