"Successful executives are realizing that traditional Agile product development is just not enough in today's economy.
At CLL Group we focus on enabling executives to achieve an organizational-wide culture of:

Delighting customers as the bottom line for the whole organization.
Creating high performing teams throughout the ranks by empowering, motivating, and engaging the whole organization.
Eliminating waste by continuously optimizing the end-to-end flow of business value from the "idea" phase through delivery and support.
Cultivating a fun and innovative culture by creating a safe place to experiment, learn and grow."

~ Catherine Louis, Principal CLL Group

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Agile2014 – Protection Poker, a Security Risk game

Packing for Agile2014, we are super excited to attend the many events, enjoy friends not seen since Agile2013, and meet new friends. Dr. Laurie Williams and I are hosting “Protection Poker, a Security Risk Game“, 2pm on Thursday.  If you join us, we’ll be asking you to imagine you’re a common thief, and plan a heist.  The serious part […]

CSM in the park

During TriAgile we had a request for an “emergency Certified Scrum Master” course for the Raleigh-Durham area.  So we set up a class for May 29-30th, and Leon Sabarsky offered to let us use his facilities for the class. I love this opportunity because we can learning about scrum in a place where scrum is […]

Try TriAgile.org – mark your calendars for May 2nd

Try TriAgile.org – mark your calendars for May 2nd

Triagile.org is the first Agile event of its kind held in the Triangle. There are 4 tracks, over 20 speakers, it’s an all-day event, with breakfast and lunch are included – all for less than $100. Speakers include Jared Richardson (author of “Ship It”) Dr. Laurie Williams (Google “pair programming”, or better yet check out […]

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"This workshop is essential for the Product Owner to understand their role in the Big Picture." Joe Kueser, September 2014
"…The third day was an eye opener for me. We got to work on such an amazing vision that was shared between our team and we walked the path with assistance of Catherine from the Vision to the actual actionable user stories that would represent values of our potential customers and be integrated with the users goals. We where shown the art of working as a team of free motivated people to develop a product road-map and get a workable backlog…" Benas Benetis, August 2014
"Very active workshop! Excellent toolbox for Product Owners and leaders. You will learn way beyond Scrum." César Arce, June 2014
"Truly enjoyed the CSPO class! Great tools and resources that I know I'll use for many years to come." Andrea Kitchen, May 2014
"Incredibly intellectually stimulating - my brain is swimming with action items and ideas and books to read. Flow: so much good stuff, never rushed, not reliant on powerpoint." Tom Krieger, April 2014
"The amount of application activities makes the course shine. There was a good flow, opposed to just being taught. Games drive home the points, creating the AHaas." Jacob Knight, April 2014
"New Product Owners should definitely take this class to learn what they need to think and do to be successful in their new role, and why their role is so important and valuable." Brad Hughes, March 2014
"Catherine was able to gamify the entire day and make it a very engaging day for our team!" Neal Conlon, March 2014
To read more about our Agile workshops from those who have attended, see "testimonials."

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